This Is It, The Final Sprint

Hello, once again my fellow readers! I say this with some sadness as it is my last retrospective for the semester. The final sprint has ended and the team is now in full presentation mode. For the sprint, some of the team decided to keep working on the product and some of the team, including myself, decided to start work on the presentation.

The part of the team that decided to continue work on the presentation worked on small improvements to the product. Small improvements to features we have already implemented and making aesthetic changes.

The rest of the team, including myself, started our presentation work by making a presentation. From here, we decided to break and each of us would start working on our own portion of the presentation. My part of the presentation consists of what happened a few weeks ago with the GitLab to GitHub transfer. You may remember that series of events from my sprint retrospective blog a couple of blogs ago. The main part of this presentation is not just to recount everything we’ve done over the semester, however.

The big part is to recount everything we have learned over the semester. To do this, I needed to go back and reread all of my blog posts. Boy, it has been an interesting ride this semester. Looking back, I have to say that I like Scrum. It took a little set-up but by the end of it all, Scrum worked out pretty well for our team. Everyone in our team was able to step up and take lead when they wanted to and no one person was ever the leader all the time. It definitely led to great teamwork and helped each and every one of us to achieve our individual and team goals. What I find interesting about Scrum, and if anyone wants to replicate Scrum successfully is that I find that Scrum works best as a team that self regulates itself. What I mean by that is, the team is able to find team members that are slacking or behind due to other reasons, and help them get back on the horse. If the team self regulates itself, the team can keep itself on track and make up for momentary weaknesses.

Another thing I learned was quite a bit about Git. When the git repository transfer had to happen as you may remember, I had to transfer our project from our GitLab repository to the min GitHub repository. This process that I went through taught me two things. The first was that we should have planned a bit further in advance when we first created our part of the project. We created our part in GitLab, without a thought. Thinking ahead, we would have definitely chosen to make it in the main GitHub branch we had created. The second thing I learned was about Git itself. During the process of moving, I thought that I could just simply copy paste our files in. That was not the case, and I had to enter in lines of code in some files, to preserve the work that other groups had done. I also had to deal with numerous merge conflicts that I had to deal with as well. I learned from that process how to better deal with those merge conflicts, and with moving files and things into a git repository.

Well, this is it, readers. That’s all I have to say on this semester and I definitely I can say that I got something out of it. This will be the last farewell as not just the semester is ending but I am graduating as well. No more blog posts for me… for now. I may return to writing blogs as they did help me reflect but we will have to see in the future whether I return. I must end sometime, so for the final time farewell my dear readers!

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